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Grand Park Properties

Downtown Westfield

With its rich history and small town charm, there is no better place to do business than Westfield Indiana.  The local community atmosphere is one that will benefit any profession.  At Grand Junction Properties we welcome the business looking to be a part of the future and become a fixture of everyday life in Westfield.  We welcome the property owner that needs to reach these companies but understands the uniqueness of our city.  We welcome the investor that sees the need for vision and participation in a market that has the potential to be a family gathering spot. Grand Junction Properties can provide you with all the resources for accomplishing any of these goals, whether its through economic data or sharing the long term vision.  We have all of this here in one great website to make you a success and to bring you along on a dream that is in full swing.  Take a minute to enjoy our different media and examples of what is to come.  And please let us know how we can help you move forward.

Grand Park Properties

Are you in the market?

As Downtown Westfield development progresses over the next several years, it will become more and more attractive to the savvy investor as well as to any aggressive retailer. Our objective at Grand Junction Properties is to provide expert advice and a location selection process that will get you back to business as soon as possible. We truly understand the chaos that surrounds relocating a business to a new space or the major task of development from the ground up. And with that knowledge, we will be able to create an environment that keeps your needs to a maximum and your anxieties to a minimum. Studying and mastering this market is our passion, which we are willing to share with you and your business. Whether you are starting a new venture and need advice on the best location or you aspire to develop and create opportunities for retailers through your investment, we are your best choice. Be sure to inquire about our one-time market analysis and options for moving forward.

Grand Park Properties

For Developers and Property Owners

Property owners and developers working with Grand Junction Properties should rest assured that we are focused on selling your project. By utilizing todays most efficient technologies, marketing techniques and good old-fashioned hustle we will help you to build the relationships needed to promote any site, from a large piece of bare ground to a beautiful new multi-tenant retail space. Grand Junction Properties puts one thing first: to connect the right business and buyer with the perfect location.

As your listing agent, we will provide you with an initial market analysis as well as an updated area pro-forma at no charge. We will also look forward to working closely with neighboring sites to ensure smooth operations for many years to come. Having the most current site plan information and working alongside our local community we will be able to create a real estate experience with minimal surprises and set-backs. We will gladly provide a list of satisfied customers that can give you the confidence you need to move forward with your transaction. Be sure to review our current listings as well as past projects to understand the caliber of service we offer. We look forward to working with you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What's the timeline for The Grand Junction project to be completed?

    Currently there is no exact date of completion.  The city continues to plan and design the final product with the help of the community as well as acquire necessary properties.  We should begin to see some activity in readiness over the summer 2012.

  • Is there currently any good space available for lease or purchase?

    Absolutely!  Whether you need a place to take phone calls or you want to open a restaurant, downtown Westfield has many opportunities.  Grand Junction Properties is focused on keeping those important spaces out in front for potential end users to find.

  • Is zoning in the way of me moving my business in?

    The city of Westfield is focused on bringing new business to the area and is not in the business of keeping good companies out.  The planning and zoning committees welcome anyone looking to do something to meet with them and find the best fit for all parties.

  • Why is it so dark and quiet at night downtown?

    Downtown Westfield is working to bring more restaurants and shopping to the area.  Slowly but surely we will begin to see small retailers that want to take advantage of a great community continue to open new businesses.  If you have any suggestions or ideas of new services that may do great with our local climate, please pass that along.

  • What programs are being offered to entice local business growth?

    Our City has a couple of different initiatives that help current and future business owners more successful.  Examples are the Facade Improvement Program and long term tax incentives.  Privately there are several groups that work with local experts to provide marketing and business mentoring on a case by case basis.  Let us know if you are interested in following up on these.

  • Why are so many buildings sitting vacant at Grand Junction?

     It may seem like there are a lot of empty spaces and run down buildings, but this is what re-development looks like.  Its exciting to see what plans are in the works for certain corners and some of the spaces are just waiting on a buildout to be completed.  While you will always have a landlord that feels empty is better, we promote working with tenants and local businesses to keep spaces neat and appealing to our community.